Chow not yet Kato?

I was under the impression that even though Michael Gondry had taken over directing duties on THE GREEN HORNET, Stephen Chow was still going to be playing Kato. Maybe not. Cinemablend caught up with Seth Rogen at SXSW and when they asked him about it, he responded that:

"We have no 100% official Kato at this point."

Of course, Chow could still end up taking the role. It just hasn't been confirmed yet. Also, I'm gonna have to tie this up right now because I just noticed that we're running a clip called "Kate Beckinsale Getting Nailed Doggy-Style" over there on the right in our video section. I could come back and finish this article after I'm done watching it, but look, I could easily masturbate to Kate Beckinsale for the entire week, while Planet Earth was being invaded by Zerg overlords, so it's safer if I just draw a line under this now.
Extra Tidbit: Chow taught himself kung fu by watching the television.
Source: Cinemablend



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