Chris Columbus to produce and direct the anthology horror film Creepy

Chris Columbus is most associated with the HOME ALONE and HARRY POTTER films which deal with children in fantastic circumstances. His next project will be a departure from the family friendly and into the realm of horror and fear.

Columbus' 1492 Productions (get it? Christopher Columbus? Oh, nevermind) will bring a new anthology horror film to theaters. The four part film will have one segment written and directed by Columbus. No word on what other directors may be sought for the film.

Creepy was an American horror comic magazine published from 1964-1983. Major contributors to the magazine were Frank Frazetta, Steve Ditko, Bernie Wrightson, Gene Colan, Richard Corben, Al Williamson and Wally Wood.

"I am thrilled to be immersed once again in the world of Creepy and Eerie,” Columbus said. “They featured some of the most important comic book artists of the time and were incredibly influential in my desire to become a filmmaker. It is really exciting to have the opportunity to bring these unique tales to the screen and share them with today's audiences."

The anthology horror format is one that has not seen much big screen success in quite a while. TALES FROM THE CRYPT, CREEPSHOW, TRILOGY OF TERROR, TALES FROM THE HOOD, TRICK R TREAT, and the upcoming V/H/S are some of the better films to use the style but even the TALES FROM THE CRYPT anthology series spawned movies that followed a single story.

Columbus shows an obvious passion for the project and it would be interesting to see how he does in the genre. What do you think of this news?



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