Chris Evans is a little scared about taking on Captain America

Chris Evans hasn't really spoken about nabbing the role of Captain America.

Is he scared? A little. In a recent interview with ScreenStar, Evans was asked if taking on Cap was a big responsibility, to which he said, "It is a big responsibility. I'm a little scared, to be honest. I'd be lying if I said anything else, and I have no problem being honest about that. It's intimidating. It's a big responsibility and you want to do your best work. I'm not quite sure what else to say. It was a challenging process for me, trying to decide whether or not to do it. I came down on the side of going for it because I really think Marvel is doing some great things these days, the script is great and it's going to be a fun character to play. He's a wonderful character, just as a man, aside from the comic hero background. If it was just a story about the man, Steve Rogers, I'd be really interested. He's an incredibly noble, honest, selfless man, and those are qualities that I think people can aspire to and look up to."

Then the interviewer notes that this role could change an actor's life. Evans wrestled with the decision, "It was tricky saying yes. A couple of sleepless nights were involved. I'm going for it and I'm not looking back. I'm trying to just stay positive and focus on the fact that it could be a great thing. It really could be, it should be, and that's the way I'm looking at it."

I admire the guy for getting the balls to accept the role. It's also understandable that it would scare him. I'm not going to rag on fanboys, but sometimes they can be harsh on an actor that is fulfilling the role of their favorite comic book character. As a comic book reading lady, I do imagine a certain type of person to take on the role, but Hollywood is going to cast whoever pleases them. So on that note, Chris Evans, I accept you.

Oh, I forgot to add a nice little morsel of info. When asked how much time he'd have to devote to smaller projects this is the first thing Evans mentioned, "This was the next hurdle. This is obviously going to be a very time-consuming ordeal, not just with Captain America, but with The Avengers."

Extra Tidbit: Okay, how many people are willing to give Evans a chance?
Source: ScreenStar



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