Chris Evans: Watchman

I'm not all that surprised to see Chris Evans on his way to being a major star. He's got a casual, almost cocky charm, and aside from the attention-demanding form of Jessica Alba he was the best thing about FANTASTIC FOUR. I even enjoyed CELLULAR on that day I misplaced 40 IQ points. Plus he's, y'know, kinda hunky. Besides, I have to respect anyone who dated Jessica Biel.

Now he's working with David Ayer, who's already ticked Denzel Washington and Christian Bale off his 'to do' list. Evans is part of the TRAINING DAY writer and HARSH TIMES director's new flick THE NIGHT WATCHMAN (not the superhero deconstruction WATCHMEN, sorry if the headline misled you), a thriller from LA CONFIDENTIAL scribe James Ellroy. The story follows a "disgraced cop who discovers corruption inside a police department and sets out on a mission to redeem himself". Evans plays a "good cop" leading the investigation. Keanu Reeves and Forest Whitaker are already on board.

Evans has the sci-fi flick SUNSHINE, THE NANNY DIARIES and the FANTASTIC FOUR sequel on deck.
Extra Tidbit: Evans provided the voice of sports enthusiast/vigilante Casey Jones in the recent TEENAGE MUTANT NINJA TURTLES computer-animated flick.
Source: Filmforce



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