Chris Tucker returns to the big screen to star in The Rabbit

Who misses Chris Tucker?

Good news! He's back! Warner Bros. has bought the spec script for THE RABBIT which Tucker will be starring in.

There are little details on the project. Micah Barnett, an unknown writer penned the script. Dan Lin (SHERLOCK HOLMES) is producing. As far as details on the plot, this is all that was given: "Think MIDNIGHT RUN". So nay on the rabbits? There's no director or any other actors/actresses involved at this point.

The last time we saw Tucker was in RUSH HOUR 3 (2007). Where the hell did he go? In May, J.A. Hamilton was wondering the same thing in the C'MON HOLLYWOOD! column. I don't really have an answer for why he disappeared. Maybe he wanted out of the spotlight like Dave Chappelle. Honestly, I really liked the guy.

Does anyone else miss seeing Tucker in films?

Extra Tidbit: Images of Tucker were edited out from stock footage, in the "Next Friday" (2000) DVD bonus material.
Source: Deadline



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