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Christian Bale and Scott Cooper working together again for Hostiles


The last time Christian Bale and director Scott Cooper got together, they made the underrated OUT OF THE FURNACE. Now that they've elected to team up once more, they appear to be heading out west.

Bale and Cooper will be working on a new film entitled HOSTILES. The pair will be going back to 1892 with Bale set to play a legdnary Army captain who reluctantly agrees to provide safe passage for a dying Cheyenne chief and his family to their native grounds. Together, along with a recent widow they meet along the way, they must combine their efforts to overcome the elements that threaten their journey, in addition to unfriendly Comanche tribes that stand in their way.

Cooper had been circling a few different projects recently, but, once Bale moved on from the Ferrari biopic he was attached to, both men jumped at the opportunity to once again make something.

Source: Variety



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