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Christina Hendricks set up us the Bomb?


Christina Hendricks is in talks to appear in Sally Potter's upcoming film BOMB, an anti-war piece set in a time period that Hendricks is quite familiar with, the 1960s. 

The director of YES and RAGE will bring us a story about two teenage rebels (played by Elle Fanning and Alice Englart) who get involved with the Ban the Bomb movement and the sexual revolution. Ban the Bomb was the slogan for the Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament, which encouraged mutual disarmament of all nuclear weapons in the 1960s. It hasn't been too effective, obviously.

Anette Bening is also considering a part in the film, although there are no details on what these two roles might be. It's great to see Hendricks get more serious work though- not only is she incredibly easy on the eyes (understatement) but she's a damn fine actor. 

The film will start shooting in February in London and along the South-East coast. 

Source: Daily Mail



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