Christopher McQuarrie to rewrite and possibly direct the Lee Child novel One Shot

You might know Christopher McQuarrie as the guy who brilliantly scripted 1995's THE USUAL SUSPECTS. He also directed 2000's underrated THE WAY OF THE GUN. Well, it seems McQuarrie will be not only rewriting a brand new adaptation for the big screen, but perhaps even directing it as well.

The film is ONE SHOT, based on a series of books by Lee Child, which focuses on a character named Jack Reacher, a military police officer-turned-drifter. One Shot, the ninth book in Child's series, "tells the story of a military sniper accused of murder who seeks Reacher's help," says THR's Heat Vision.

The story was originally adapted by Josh Olson who penned David Cronenberg's incredible 2005 effort A HISTORY OF VIOLENCE. McQuarrie is set to rewrite the current script while also keeping "an eye to direct."
Extra Tidbit: McQuarrie recently wrote a sequel draft to X-MEN ORIGINS: WOLVERINE. I'm already assuming it's better than the first one.



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