Christopher Nolan on limiting green screen while filming Interstellar

Whether you loved INTERSTELLAR or hated it, you cannot argue with the craftsmanship that went into making the film possible. If Christopher Nolan is known for anything, it is his adherence to the old school ways of movie-making and for his latest film, he stayed as far away from CGI and green screen as possible. Obviously there is a large amount of imagery in the film that uses special effects, but using sets and physical location shooting, Nolan was able to provide something breathtaking in INTERSTELLAR.

This featurette from The New York Times breaks down a key scene from the movie and discusses how he and his cinematographer, Hoyte van Hoytema, were able to achieve a different feel and look thanks to the practical sets. This also makes the movie feel that much more tangible, something missing from quite a lot of scifi movies these days.

Nolan's dedication to making INTERSTELLAR as realistic as possible is quite admirable and has resulted in a movie that must be recognized from a visual standpoint when the awards start rolling in. Here's hoping he continues to work with Hoyte van Hoytema as well.

INTERSTELLAR is now playing.

Source: YouTube



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