Christopher Nolan would love to direct a Bond film

Christopher Nolan was out and about at the INCEPTION premiere yesterday (see photos from that event here) and the BBC stopped him to talk about the influences for the movie. Talk naturally turned towards the James Bond franchise and the director let loose a zinger: "I’ve loved the Bond films since I was a kid....I’d love to do a Bond film."

Of course that's easier said than done these days. Sam Mendes probably would love to do a Bond film too but the way things are looking now, who knows if that'll ever happen. Also Nolan has a busy schedule on the horizon developing both BATMAN and SUPERMAN sequels for Warner Bros. Could he possibly fit a James Bond - another mega-franchise - into that slate? Probably not.

Which is all well and good as just because Nolan saying he'd "love" to do a Bond film doesn't necessarily mean he ever will direct a Bond film. I'd "love" to go skinny dipping with Natalie Portman but that sure as hell isn't happening. MGM needs to sort out their mess first, Nolan needs to clear his schedule and maybe a few years down the line it's a possibility. (And honestly, a pretty cool possibility.)

Extra Tidbit: Frankly with INCEPTION as being as good as it is, I'd be just fine if Nolan made original films for the rest of his career.
Source: BBC



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