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Chronicle director Josh Trank will develop Shadow of the Colossus for Sony


Sony Pictures adaptation of the Playstation video game SHADOW OF THE COLOSSUS seems to have found a director. Josh Trank who directed the surprise hit CHRONICLE is developing the film version of the game.

Trank has been linked to several projects recently, including a FANTASTIC FOUR reboot, Marvel Comics' VENOM, and an adaptation of the comic book THE RED STAR.

SHADOW OF THE COLOSSUS tells the story of a young man who believes his lover to be dead, so he heads to a "forbidden land" to summon a demon that can wake her. In order to bring the woman back to life, however, he needs to slay 16 colossi. They're massive, "skyscraper-sized giants" that rise from the ground, fly through the air, and dwell in the water. Soon, the man questions his pursuit and wonders if he's made a deal with the devil.

Trank did an excellent job with CHRONICLE, using the low budget to his advantage and crafting a really good superhero movie. Who knows what he would be able to do with a larger budget. I hope that they keep the mood and ominous appearance from the video game for the movie. The game is considered influential in the industry due the unique visual style and gameplay. From a story standpoint there is very little back story so it remains to be seen if a film version would flesh out the plot or keep it simple and drop the viewer right into the action.

Extra Tidbit: I preferred ICO to SHADOW OF THE COLOSSUS, personally.
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