Chronicle director Josh Trank being eyed for Fantastic Four reboot

Josh Trank, director of the upcoming “paranormal superheroes” movie CHRONICLE is in talks to take the reigns of Fox’s reboot of Marvel’s “Fantastic Four.” “Fantastic Four.” Apparently, Trank has impressed studio exec’s with his work on CHRONICLE and it’s just a waiting game to see if the pic performs well at the box office, which would lead to an official offer. Currently, Michael Green (GREEN LANTERN) is finishing up the latest draft of the script, which is hopefully better than the final product that was GREEN LANTERN.

Tim Story directed the first two FANTASTIC FOUR films, which went on to gross buckets of cash and mountains of hatred from die-hard fans. Personally, I find the FF pretty boring, but I know there are plenty who don’t.

Fantastic Four, in case you are unaware, is about four scientists who embark on a test flight into space only to encounter cosmic rays, which mutate them into superheroes. Once returned to earth they put on tight-fitting costumes with the number four on them and beat up similarly powered bad guys. You get the gist.

CHRONICLE’s similar formula fits right in line with hiring Trank for FF, but you have to wonder why someone would want to remake the same type of film with a bigger budget.

It was announced a while ago that Fox would be rebooting, well, pretty much every superhero property they own, which accounts for X-MEN, DAREDEVIL , and FANTASTIC FOUR. Although not a reboot per se, X-MEN: FIRST CLASS was a successful re-vamp/re-launch/re-what-the-f*ck-ever for the franchise. Ultimately, Fox is stepping backward, not forward, with the continuity of the properties, which they own perpetually for as long as they are making films of them. At this juncture, the only real property I’m excited to see is DEADPOOL , which has been generating some buzz of late.

This whole reboot and origin business just needs to die, in my opinion. Sure, sometimes it can be fun, but when it becomes a trend, we all suffer. I enjoyed X-MEN: FIRST CLASS, but lamented that I’d much rather have seen the talent involved progress the X-Men story rather than start over. Okay, so maybe I just wanted to see more Wolverine. You got me.

Anyone out there dying to see the Fantastic Four on the big screen again?

Extra Tidbit: Who would YOU like to see direct a Fantastic Four reboot?
Source: Variety



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