Chuck chick's next

There are a few good reasons to watch "Chuck": Adam Baldwin's wonderfully gruff CIA handler, some genuinely goofy espionage stories, an amusing supporting cast, and leggy secret agent Yvonne Strahovski.

While she anxiously awaits word on whether her superfine superspy will get to return for another season of the series, the actress has headed back to her native country of Australia for a new romcom called I LOVE YOU, TOO, according to Moviehole.

The flick, from comedian Peter Helliar, also features Down Under actor Brendan Cowell, miniature powerhouse Peter Dinklage, and Megan Gale, who was thisclose to being our new Wonder Woman before George Miller's JUSTICE LEAGUE movie evaporated.

Foxy Strahovski is somewhat relieved after busting her taut bod for 22 episodes of the McG-produced show: "I am so grateful for the rehearsal time [on this film]. Everything on 'Chuck' is just really fast. This way, I'm about to really get to know the character and get to know [the character] before we start filming."

Extra Tidbit: Yvonne's birth name is Strzechowski. Yowza.
Source: Moviehole



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