Chuck & Larry trailer

One of the things that might actually get me to see this summer's Adam Sandler entry I NOW PRONOUNCE YOU CHUCK AND LARRY is that it has a script by Alexander Payne of SIDEWAYS and ELECTION fame. It also has Jessica Biel looking pretty damn hot. That's pretty good too. Yahoo! Movies now has a look at the trailer for CHUCK AND LARRY and well I'm not so sure how much of Payne's script made it through to the final cut but...Jessica Biel sure looks hot! And the trailer boys are more than happy to remind us of that. It doesn't strike me as terribly funny, actually a gay unfriendly, but there was one funny line at the end when an obviously turned on Sandler has to describe Biel's boobs as "yucky" to keep up the ruse. CHUCK AND LARRY hits theaters on July 20th but you can see the trailer by clicking on any of the Biely pics below.

Extra Tidbit: Dan Akyroyd is back baby!
Source: Yahoo! Movies



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