Clare's Mortal films

Because nothing goes together like teens and supernatural creatures these days, Unique Features and Constatin Film have teamed up to bring us THE MORTAL INSTRUMENTS, a film series based on a best-selling book series written by Cassandra Clare. So on a scale of BLADE to TWILIGHT, where are we falling here?

“[The] story revolves around teenager Clary Fray's search for her missing mother, which leads her to a city filled with mysterious fairies, raucous warlocks, vampires and other demons.”

"Cassandra Clare has created a truly unique, imaginative and universally appealing world seen through the eyes of a 16-year-old girl," said Robert Kulzer, who will produce for Constantin.

So I’d say about a seven? At least we’re moving on from ONLY vampires, as presumably these ones don’t sparkle and the other monsters might actually be you know, frightening. I’m sure there’s a love story in there somewhere, but it can’t be as insane as a girl trying to kill herself over and over just so she can catch a glimpse of the boyfriend who ditched her. Yeah, watch that NEW MOON trailer again.

Extra Tidbit: Who's read the books? Good, bad?
Source: Variety



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