Clash of the Titans and Journey to the Center of the Earth getting sequels?

So despite the awful post-production 3D that no one seemed to enjoy, Warner Bros. is apparently moving full-steam ahead on a CLASH OF THE TITANS sequel. Though, when your film's made almost $400 million worldwide, I suppose that's a no-brainer.

Deadline's Mike Fleming reports that director Louis Leterrier will not be returning as the sequel's helmsman, though Sam Worthington will be back as will every one of the actors whose characters didn't get decimated. But where could the story possibly go now after it was wrapped up so nicely in the first film?

Greg Berlanti (GREEN LANTERN) will hash out a story, but the studio is already hard at work trying to find another writer and director to get the movie in shape to shoot asap (before Worthington gets snatched up by James Cameron for AVATAR 2).

Warner Bros. hopes to get CLASH OF THE TITANS 2 out in Spring 2012. No word on whether or not the sequel will be in 3D.

And do you care that they're making a JOURNEY TO THE CENTER OF THE EARTH sequel? Well, it's coming… in some shape or form. New Line and Walden Media want to release it by Fall 2011. Only problem is that the first film's director Eric Brevig is currently busy with YOGI BEAR and the studio would have to get another to take his place. Should Brevig not return, that puts the involvement of star Brendan Frasier up in the air.

Yes, I glazed over at one too. But it's okay; Here's JOURNEY TO THE CENTER OF THE EARTH'S Anita Briem:

Extra Tidbit: Do you think 3D is a fad? And if so, do you think/hope it'll be dead by 2012?
Source: Deadline



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