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Clash of the Titans posters: The Gods, the bad, and the Kraken!


This new batch of posters from CLASH OF THE TITANS ain't so bad.

The close-up of the kraken is the only one that isn't doing it for me. Most of you have compared the toothy monster to the one in CLOVERFIELD. While the similarities are there, I say it doesn't matter when watching that thing in action. Two more monsters appear in the set, the Stygian Witches and Scorpion. The one with the witches is my favorite in particular. Also included are Liam Neeson and Ralph Fiennes as the Gods, Zeus & Hades. Lastly, the group photo that made me giggle. To me, Sam Worthington is shooting a look of 'WTF?' to Ian Whyte, who plays Sheikh Sulieman.

Which would you put on your wall?

Extra Tidbit: James Woods was hoping to play Hades, a part he had previously done in the animated HERCULES, but on a more comedic level.
Source: UGO



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