Cleese vs. Klaatu

John Cleese When Keanu Reeves invades Earth later this year in THE DAY THE EARTH STOOD STILL as the enigmatic alien Klaatu to warn us of our rampant self-destruction, he'll not only have to contend with Jennifer Connelly, Kathy Bates, Jaden Smith and Jon Hamm but also, according to the folks at IGN, with veteran British thesp John Cleese. Cleese will apparently be playing a physicist named Dr. Barnhardt, a Nobel Prize laureate who "plays a key part in figuring out the mission and meaning of the arrival of the alien Klaatu". The remake of the 1951 original is under director Scott Derrickson and is set for release December 12th. Cleese can next be heard in the animated IGOR, will next be seen in the PINK PANTHER sequel and will likely be making at least a flashback cameo in SHREK GOES FOURTH or whatever the hell it's called.

Extra Tidbit: Cleese and Terry Gilliam are the only members of 'Monty Python' to be nominated for Oscars - both for Best Original Screenplay: Gilliam for BRAZIL and Cleese for A FISH CALLED WANDA.
Source: IGN



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