Clint Mansell no longer scoring Duncan Jones' Source Code


It feels like only yesterday when we reported that brilliant film composer Clint Mansell would be reuniting with Duncan Jones for the filmmaker's sophomore effort SOURCE CODE. If you've heard the man's work in Jones' fantastic debut MOON (let alone all the music written for Darren Aronofsky), then you know what the right synergy of visualist and musician can bring. But alas, it's not to be.

Jones broke the news yesterday via his Twitter feed saying, "Unfortunately we weren't able to work out a schedule so Clint could do the score in the end. He has been a very busy bee." So the next logical question is who will be taking over for Mansell? Jones, in a response to a Twitter follower said, "Very talented young guy called Chris Bacon, who was recommended by my editor, the legendary Paul Hirsch."

Chris Bacon's relatively new to feature films, having only scored this year's LOVE RANCH and ALPHA AND OMEGA, as well as next year's GNOMEO AND JULIET. He has, however, worked in various musical capacities on much bigger films (with better music) such as THE DARK KNIGHT and KING KONG.

SOURCE CODE, currently in post, is scheduled to be released sometime in April of the new year.
Extra Tidbit: Taylor Hackford's LOVE RANCH must've been terrible. It came and went without a peep!



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