Clive Standen gets a particular set of skills for NBC's Taken prequel

Clive Standen will look for you. He will find you, and he will kill you, especially if you kidnap his daughter.

Standen, one of the stars of The History Channel's VIKINGS, has landed the lead role of Bryan Mills for NBC's TAKEN prequel series. Looking to modernize the property a bit from the somehow dated shoes that Liam Neeson once filled, the series would explore how Mills obtained that particular set of skills he bragged about over the phone back in 2008. His training would take place today as opposed to the many years in the past that made up the character's career.

One would think it'd be cooler to never really know how Bryan Mills became such a dangerous badass. But, as we all know, the current landscape wants to milk these properties dry by explaining away whatever they can to keep them rolling. In that respect, the TAKEN show is built for today. Plus, it's got that at least it's not TAKEN 4 going for it, so that's a positive somehow, no? I mean, who else in Neeson's family is left to be snatched?



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