Clock Tower maker

Director Eric Valette must have made some satisfying scares with his remake of the Japanese phone spooker ONE MISSED CALL -- the Weinsteins have reportedly brought him in to adapt the videogame CLOCK TOWER.

The movie is is apparently based on the third game in the CLOCK TOWER series, which involved a regular girl who is haunted by horrifying visions and discovers that her family has battled evil spirits for generations. I'm only familiar with the first game in the series, which gave me a bad case of the terror-shits with its psychopath named Scissorman, who (ignoring parental suggestion) ran around with massive trimming instruments and caused intense frights and bloodshed.

The script will come from BORDERLAND screenwriter Eric Poppen (THE HITCHER re-writer Jake Wade Wall and JASON X scribe Todd Farmer worked on prior drafts). Valette got his start with the little-seen gem MALEFIQUE, a claustrophobic occult-themed prison flick.
Extra Tidbit: South American director Jorge Olguin (ETERNAL BLOOD) was once attached to the project, but he's currently making a thriller with BLADE II vampiress Leonor Varela.



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