Clooney in Crisis

Warner Bros. has bought the feature rights to the 2005 documentary OUR BRAND IS CRISIS for George Clooney to produce and possibly direct and star in. The Rachel Boynton documentary focuses on electioneering and the dangers of bringing American tactics of political campaigning to a foreign country. Warners is looking to reimagine the film as a fictional dark comedy. Peter Straughan (HOW TO MAKE FRIENDS AND ALIENATE PEOPLE) is writing the script for Clooney and WB. Wow, remaking a documentary as a fictional story? Why even bother? Why not just come up with a similarly themed concept and just write around that? I'm not sure I get it. Clooney's participation, aside from producing through his Smoke House Pictures, will be based upon the script that Straughan returns. Should Lord Clooney find it acceptable, he could either star in or direct the film. Of course, Clooney's a busy dude with the football drama LEATHERHEADS currently filming and BURN AFTER READING set to go shortly after that wraps.

Extra Tidbit: OUR BRAND IS CRISIS was only released in New York and Los Angeles.
Source: Variety



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