Clooney off to Tehran

Never let it be said that George Clooney isn't a Jack of all trades. Actor, director, producer, writer, man-slut, amongst others. Today we have news that Clooney will be flexing some of those muscles, setting up a new project at Warner Bros. that he will write and produce. ESCAPE FROM TEHRAN is a dramedy that Clooney will co-write with Grant Heslov (who he worked with on GOOD NIGHT, AND GOOD LUCK) and produce through his Smoke House production company. The film follows the true account of how the CIA, during the 1979 Iranian hostage crisis, used a fake Hollywood movie production to smuggle hostages out of Tehran. Clooney hasn't agreed yet to star in the film but he's always dangling that possibility over the heads of studio execs. The actor is currently directing LEATHERHEADS, a romantic comedy with Renee Zellweger he also stars in.

Extra Tidbit: Both Variety and Hollywood Reporter ran stories about the fake production in 1980 thinking it was a real movie.
Source: Variety



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