Clooney's a Descendant

George of the Jungle...

George Clooney is one of those rare actors we won't get tired of even if he makes 5 movies a year; the guy is always cool to watch and he knows how to pick his projects and collaborators. This one is no exception.

Clooney is in talks to headline THE DESCENDANTS which will be Alexander Payne's first feature film since his Oscar favorite SIDEWAYS. Payne is probably well-rested and ready to kick ass again after a 5-year break, and having Clooney along will surely make this one something to look out for.

The film is based on on a novel by Kaui Hart Hemmings  about a family man who tries to honor his dying wife's wishes by setting out to gather her family and friends, which includes tracking down her lover. Sounds like Science-Fiction - a woman married to George looking elsewhere??? Bullocks!

Extra Tidbit: OK, so Batman and Joel Schumacher were probably not great decisions on his part in retrospect, but aside from those, he's usually on the money.
Source: Variety



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