Clooney's Challenge

George Clooney is the proprietor of a very special name. His is among a privileged few, whose mere attachment to a film is cause for immediate speculation, anticipation and analysis. Especially when that film is about Osama Bin Laden's driver

Clooney's Smokehouse production company has apparently bought the rights to Jonathan Mahler's The Challenge, a book about Salim Hamdan -- a Guantanamo Bay inmate recently sentenced to prison for his involvement with the infamous terrorist. Rumours abound that Clooney is considering taking a role as US navy lawyer Lieutenant Commander Charles Swift, who defended Hamdan and whose life fell apart as a result.

With the success of SYRIANIA and MICHAEL CLAYTON, Clooney has proven that he can pull off topicial political and legal thrillers, and this project seems like a happy medium between the two. Take me to the end of the earth George and I will follow you, I swear.
Extra Tidbit: I wish I knew what it was like to have the ability to get ANY girl I want. Oh wait, I do.
Source: Cinematical



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