Cloud Atlas trying to wrangle itself an impressive cast with Hanks, McAvoy, Portman and more

The Wachowski produced, Tom Tykwer directed adaptation of David Mitchell’s novel CLOUD ATLAS is trying to get itself an A-list cast and in turn some buzz around it.

The book series spans from the South Pacific in the 19th century to the distant future of a nuclear holocaust, and each story Is told from the point of view from the main character in the next. It seems like a pretty massive undertaking, but Tykwer is hoping he can get some A-listers to help him out.

Offers have gone out to Tom Hanks, James McAvoy, Ian McKellen, Halle Berry and Natalie Portman. Now, these are just offers, and it’s not clear yet if any of the above actors have accepted them. If they all did, this would have the best all-star cast this side of OCEAN’S ELEVEN. But fact is, if even one or two accept, this is still probably a project to watch, as it seems pretty uber-ambitious.

Extra Tidbit: Has anyone read this series? How do you think it'll work as a movie?
Source: The Playlist



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