Clover hottie is Born

CLOVERFIELD star Odette Yustman has signed on to star in David Goyer's upcoming thriller formerly titled BORN (but I hate calling something the UNTITLED DAVID GOYER THRILLER so I'm going to keep referring to it as BORN until an alternate title comes along). Also joining the cast are Cam Gigandet ("The OC") and Gary Oldman. The film will star Yustman as a girl haunted by the spirit of a young boy who perished in Auschwitz. He may be 70 years dead but he still knows that haunting a 19-year-old hottie is the way to go. Oldman will play the "spiritual specialist" who helps the girl with her issue while Gigandet will star as her boyfriend. Michael Bay is producing through his Platinum Dunes company so wait... are you sure this isn't a remake of an 80s horror movie? No this is actually an original script! Perish the thought... Filming is expected to begin March 3rd in Chicago for Rogue Pictures.

Extra Tidbit: In perhaps my favorite extra tidbit ever, Yustman was one of Schwarzenegger's students in KINDERGARTEN COP. Have fun with this KINDERGARTEN COP soundboard.



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