Cloverfield 2 images?

Apparently some pictures have appeared on the web, which are the first from CLOVERFIELD 2. I don't think so, but as Bernard Hopkins taught me recently, I am frequently wrong and so I'll present them to you just in case. I have no idea how people found THIS site, but I think it is the final leg of the whole CLOVERFIELD online viral extravaganza. Anyway, some awesome hacker guy figured out how to get inside it, and found the following pictures:

We've heard Matt Reeves say he's doing THE INVISIBLE WOMAN next, and like I said, I think these are just the remnants of everything that was done for the first CLOVERFIELD movie coming to and end with the DVD release. Curiously though, the PAGE does bare the same symbol I was sure I saw on one of the ALADYGMA pages. Also curious? Neither of my parents have a smile that melts the hearts of the weary, yet here I am.
Extra Tidbit: Everyone else saw something fall out of the sky and hit the ocean at the end of CLOVERFIELD right?



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