Cloverfield DVD art?

I truly hate all of these really sick DVD case designs. I will have absolutely no money in my pocket but find myself unable to withstand buying them. Just glancing up from my computer I can see that holographic DONNIE DARKO director's cut, the limited edition SPIDEY 2 box and a ton of others that I haven't even opened yet. I just bought them. For no reason. And now I will most probably buy this too.

If it is real, that is. But it looks it. And if it isn't, unless Paramount were planning on the case being a life-sized bust of Jessica Lucas' chest, they should definitely dump whatever they had and go with this. CLOVERFIELD, if you just came out of cryo-stasis, is about what happens when an enormous monster attacks New York and a bunch of yuppie twenty-somethings record everything on their video-camera. It has been rumored that the collapse of HD-DVD has meant a lot of extras originally planned for the DVD release have been dumped. But as yet this rumor hasn't been substantiated and I wouldn't pay too much attention to it. When asked for a comment, I said "Yeah, Jessica Lucas is really hot".
Extra Tidbit: CASSHERN - I just couldn't resist that beautiful bastard.
Source: CanMag



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