Cloverfield is Overnight?

When I heard the rumors that 'CLOVERFIELD' was actually going to be called 'MONSTROUS' I didn't buy them. Partly because it seemed like a convenient story to come out after that poster we saw, but mostly because it sounds like a shitty title to me. And I've gotten so caught up in this whole thing that I'm convinced Abrams shits rainbows and can basically only do great things. The rumor now though, is that the flick is gonna be titled 'OVERNIGHT'. There is a long story as to how this conclusion was reached, which you can read about HERE, but the gist of it is that:

Apparently Group One Productions, LLC, and Jackoway Tyerman Wertheimer registered a trademark (#77232885) “Overnight” on July 18, 2007, for the use in “motion picture, television and music production and distribution services.” The Attorney of Record for the trademark is Lori N. Boatright, who was also the Attorney of Record for “SLUSHO!,” “SLUSHO! YOU CAN’T DRINK JUST SIX,” and “BAD ROBOT” trademarks (#77229623, #77229614, and #76340985).

I'm not gonna argue this, since OVERNIGHT is a definite improvement over MONSTROUS in my opinion. I'm still hoping they stick with 'CLOVERFIELD' though. But that might just be because I'm still secretly in love with a girl I met one year while I was in Dublin.
Extra Tidbit: And in case you missed it, check out the 1-18-08 website for the fifth picture. And a little more? If you grab the picture in the corner and shake it like hell, you can flip it over and see what's written on its back.
Source: /Film



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