Cloverfield monsters

I know that a lot of you schmoes striking back aren't excited about this thing at all, but the emails flooding my inbox have convinced me that this is newsworthy:

First of all, /Film has a nice little video clip of the monster walking past a skyscraper. Or at least that's what it looks like to me, I'm sure I can see a leg moving in that thing. Still, who knows at this point, right? Go ahead and check that clip out over HERE, to make your own mind up.

Secondly, there is a short clip in the new trailer, which I have seen described as a young woman being accosted by two of the 'little monsters', we hear her screaming and then we cut to black. But it just didn't sit with me; those two silhouettes don't look like monsters, they look like dudes in contamination suits. Still, I didn't notice what Filmstalker did, which was: you'll see the outline of the woman being pulled by the two men in contamination suits. There's a strange noise, a kind of squelching closely followed by the sound of ripping and the outline of the woman suddenly balloons outward from her sides... It really does look like these people are infected in some way by something that rips them apart. Is there maybe something like an Alien inside them? A gestating creature? Or perhaps they are infected in some way and they just explode?" And yes, that is exactly what it looks like, the chick literally looks like she is exploding. Go check the trailer out in HD over at Apple, to see for yourself. Now, debate!
Extra Tidbit: Hopefully now we can leave this movie alone for at least a day.
Source: /FilmFilmstalker



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