Cloverfield. More Cloverfield.

I don't know if you guys have been following the almost non-existant CLOVERFIELD website, but it has essentially been nothing more than a time coded photograph. However, the pictures have been changing. And yesterday a third picture was added. SlashFilm has a nice little analysis of the pictures and a little bit of insight into what they might mean. You can check that out HERE. It seems that the third picture gives us a look at what happens when things start to get bad: it's foggy, has two chicks getting away and also, what looks like two uniformed men, one of whom shooting at something that almost definitely is not Godzilla.

Click HERE to check the website out for yourself! If you've been trapped under something real heavy for the last couple of weeks, CLOVERFIELD is the super secret possibly monster movie that is being produced by J.J. Abrams (LOST) and is to be shot pretty much entirely on a hand-held camera. Or not. We don't really know.
Extra Tidbit: Are you guys actually expecting a really great movie? Or are you just dying to find out what the hell's going on?
Source: /Film



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