Cloverfield teaser!

I'm sure you schmoes have heard about the ultra-secret J.J. Abrams (LOST) project which nobody seems to know the name of. People are referring to it right now as 'CLOVERFIELD', although no one is sure what the actual name of the movie is (if there even is one yet), and it is believed to be a monster movie of some sort, although even that is just educated guess work. Anyway, what really brought this thing to our attention is that in a genius move, a secret teaser was attached to TRANSFORMERS (probably the biggest movie this year, or at least if I'm to win the office polls it will be) and the buzz has been slowly growing from there.

It's been said that this is the best teaser for a movie since the INDEPENDENCE DAY Superbowl teaser back in 96. This one doesn't look that special to me, but maybe it's because I'm watching it from the point of view of some dude in possibly the worst seat in the cinema, recording it on his handy-cam. It's certainly novel though, and J.J. Abrams is awesome. Let the buzz begin!
Source: FilmStalker



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