Cloverfield title?

Apparently Devin over at CHUD got to see the CLOVERFIELD trailer that Ben told y'all about a couple of days ago, and also got to see what the film is going to be called. I'm going to give this thing a SPOILERS lite tag, since I read his blow-by-blow of the sucka (which you can find HERE) and wish I didn't, and because the whole mystery as to what the film is going to be called has been building up for a while. So stop reading now if you don't want to know about any of those things.

Anyway, so the title of the thus far unknown JJ Abrams film that we had previously been calling CLOVERFIELD is... CLOVERFIELD. There's still a chance that could change, but if the title card from the trailer that Devin saw remains, well then that's what it's going to be. Not 1-18-08, not OVERNIGHT, and not VOLTRON YOU GUYS I SWEAR IT'S VOLTRON. Which makes sense, since that's what people have been referring to it as. And I like it. As reported earlier, the trailer will apparently be going out with BEOWULF.
Extra Tidbit: Are we happy with this title?
Source: CHUD



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