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C'mon Hollywood #114


... turn some HBO shows into movies!
by Sturdy

Iíve always liked the idea of ending a great TV show with a feature length film. Shows like The X-Files, Buffy, and countless others would have made more of an impact had they gone out with a full blown theatrical movie rather than a whimper of an hour-long episode. However, that idea isnít more applicable anywhere than on HBO, where fantastic TV shows like Sex and the City, Sopranos, Six Feet Under, Deadwood, Entourage and others are either ending, or have already ended.

I think Sex and the City is a good example of an HBO show that needed a movie. I know they had one planned and of course itís impossible to get four women to agree on anything (sorry ladies, but you know itís true). However, with rumors circulating that theyíre revisiting the idea, I have to say I support it and that Carrie and friends would make a good translation to the big screen.

Quick, which one is Sarah Jessica Parker?

The Sopranos is one of my favorite shows of all time (isnít it everyoneís?) and it too is nearing the end. I could write all day about how fantastic the show is, but the one thing that would make it better is to put it on the big screen. Tony and the gang need a huge send off and a trip to the local cinema would do them good. I canít imagine it would be too difficult. Every episode feels like a mini-movie anyway, so it shouldnít be too much work to add in a story and some action and there you have it.

Reason 1 to have a Sopranos movie!

In a sense, Borat was a full-length feature film of Da Ali G Show and look how well that worked. I know it wasnít the same thing, but it was a character a lot of people liked and were familiar with and that had to have helped its success. There are plenty of other examples of HBO shows that would translate well in theaters. Iíd love to see Entourage on the big screen and Mark Wahlberg could add some star power to it. Deadwood would be another good example with plenty of fans following it to the big screen.

HBO has the motto that ďItís not TV, itís HBOĒ. Although a little corny, I have to agree that most TV shows on HBO are far superior to their network counterparts. I also feel comfortable asking for this because I know we wonít have any of the same screw-ups that weíve had with other TV to movie translations. I know a Sopranos film wouldnít be a joke as long as the same creative team was behind it and all the stars showed up for it. Ditto for all the other HBO shows. I donít want remakes of the shows, I want continuations. The fans are there for HBO, just look at the fact weíre willing to pay twice as much for the DVDís even though thereís half as many episodes. Iím sure there are others that would be willing to follow them to the big screen.

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