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C'mon Hollywood #139


... one more time Tom and Meg!
by Sturdy

For some reason, todayís Hollywood doesnít seem conducive to the on-screen couple. Sure, we can have some great pairings for one movie, but having the couple appear in more than one film is a rarity these days. Itís more common for the same romantic comedy actors to bounce from one another rather than appear together.

One couple that has actually appeared in more than one film is Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan. There are many things that make these two special, but what makes them great together is their on-screen chemistry. Their dorky and slightly goofy ways mesh well on the big screen and itís a joy to see them together. However, we havenít seen them together since 1998ís YOUíVE GOT MAIL. Unfortunately, I wasnít a fan of that film and I really donít want them to go out like that. They need another go at it and a nice romantic comedy is just the way to go.

One of the all time best love stories

Individually, Iíve always loved Tom and Meg. Tom Hanks is great for all the obvious reasons but what in the world happened to Meg Ryan? Meg used to be the class of Hollywood and ever since her divorce from Dennis Quaid, sheís fallen off the Hollywood radar? I think she got a shitty deal with that whole mess considering Dennis cheated a hundred times and the media didnít care, then she strays with Russel freakiní Crowe and the media goes berserk. But I digress, this isnít a rant about the double standards the media continues to enforce, itís a request to get one of the greatest on-screen couples back together.

This one? Not so much.

Anyway, like I was saying, get Tom and Meg back together. I donít think we need some long, intricate love story that will bore an audience. I think a simple, original romantic comedy will suffice. Remember, itís Tom and Meg and as long as their on the same screen, most people will be happy. No need to reinvent the wheel with these two. Think of some romantic comedies youíve seen over the years and think how much better they would have been with Tom and Meg in the leads.

Aside from Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan, there really arenít a whole lot of movie couples out there that work great together. Richard Gere and Julia Roberts would count, and I liked both of their films. But if they ever work together again, I donít want it to be with Garry Marshall. They need to branch out and try something different. Of course, thatís if you can convince Julia Roberts to leave the house. Speaking of which, why canít we get a good movie couple thatís under 40 years old? Is it a fear of typecasting or the fact that we really havenít seen a great on-screen couple in a long time?

Everyone forgets about JOE VS THE VOLCANO, but this wasnít bad either.

Either way, Hollywood needs to find a way to get Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan back together for at least one more movie. Theyíre great with each other and it would be a disservice to the general public for both of them to retire before appearing in another movie together. So címon Tom and Meg, do another movie already!

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