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C'mon Hollywood #141


... stop the strike!
by Sturdy

I want to make it clear from the beginning that Iím not picking sides here. I think both sides have valid points and I completely respect their stances. Iím not going to attempt to explain the strike or work it out for them. I encourage everyone to go to the WGA website and read their statement on the strike so they can form their own opinions. The purpose of this article is to plead with the production companies and for the leaders of the WGA to come to a resolution and end this strike.

I guess Norma Rae would be proud

Personally, Iíve never been involved with a strike. I lived in Flint, MI for a while, and Iím familiar with the Eastern Airlines strike, but Iíve never actually been a part of a union or gone through a strike. However, the potential for damages caused by union-led strikes are not debatable and there are devastating examples sprinkled throughout American history. The current writerís strike has the potential to be one of the devastating examples. The longer the strike lasts, the more everyone has to lose.

Think about what TV would be like without writers. Reality TV shows would be all the craze and the number one show in America would be a ridiculous talent show of some sort. WaitÖdamnÖnever mind. I think the fact that the general television audience already prefers reality shows speaks volumes for the studios being pressured into a new deal with the WGA. Remember that the last time the WGA went on strike, it actually spawned shows like COPS, Americaís Most Wanted and others. All of which became hits.

But thatís TVís problem. For movie buffs, the problem is more complicated. In theory, there should be thousands of scripts out there that could be made into films, so Hollywood could ride this thing out for a while. But not so fast, just because a script has been written, it doesnít mean itís ready to be filmed. Hollywood still needs writers to polish scripts and change them during filming. I mean, not just anyone can write a spectacular script like SHREK 3. WaitÖdamn again. That leads us to my biggest fear for Hollywood; weíll get more blockbusters with half-assed scripts. Itís unfortunate since it seemed like Hollywood was finally getting back to original, intelligent films with good scripts.

And Hoffa tooÖ

So címon Hollywood and the WGA, end the strike now. Both sides need to lock themselves in a room and not come out until they have an agreement. Itís going to take a genuine, committed effort from both sides to end this thing. The strike is only gong to lead to more reality television and more mindless movies. Studios arenít going to run dead air, theyíll find something to put on TV. And movie studios arenít going to shut down either. Theyíll continue to make movies, just with less emphasis on scripts. Itís just now the boy in the mailroom will be the one tweaking them and professional script writers will be writing novels instead. I honestly hope they can come to a conclusion that will please both sides. I just hope movie and TV fans donít have to pay too steep a price.

Extra Tidbit: Just out of curiosity, if a Hollywood or Television studio right now called you up and offered to buy your script as long as you agreed to work on it during filming and make the changes they requested, would you do it? Knowing of course, you would never be a part of the Writerís Guild and that as soon as the strike ended, youíd never write a script again.
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