C'mon Hollywood #144

... Jolie needs some good roles!
by Sturdy

I don’t think we’ve had a “serious” actress since Julia Roberts in the early 90’s get as much tabloid attention as Angelina Jolie does today. And why not? Can anyone remember seeing a sexier woman in their lifetime? I think not. She even looks sexy in those candid Africa pictures. Not only is Jolie incredibly beautiful, but she has this aura of mystery and sensuality about her that is literally captivating. I’m not talking just for the men here, I’ve never met a woman that didn’t find her sexually attractive either. I wonder what it’s like for Jolie to look at the world and know she could have sex with anyone she wanted to.

As much as I want to put Jolie on a pedestal with the other great actresses in Hollywood history, it’s hard to when you look at her body of work. She has some good movies in there for sure, but very few great films. In fact, she has very few great roles. Most people can count the number of films they liked of hers on one hand, and I’d be willing to bet most of those had her starring in a supporting role.


So what we need is twofold. First, we need Angelina to choose her roles a little more carefully. It’s great that producers are offering her every role requiring a female, but that doesn’t mean she has to accept them. It’s also cool as hell that she loves doing action films. Action films are a fun and quick way to make some serious dough. However, not all action films are good films and some discretion needs to be exercised when weighing the scripts. For starters, if she’s not the main star of the action film, or at least starring with someone of equal caliber, she shouldn’t be doing the film. She’s a superstar now and we don’t need to see her try and carry someone like James McAvoy. Finally, Jolie has to mix in more serious roles to go along with those action films.

Even hotter.

The second thing we need is for Hollywood and production companies to give Jolie a chance for those serious actress roles. I was actually one of those guys that said Jolie couldn’t and shouldn’t try anything other than a temptress because…well…she was too sexy for anything else. Although I think she really does have to combat her sexiness in non-sexy roles, I’m now convinced that the older, wiser Jolie is talented enough to pull it off. Of course, I give you A MIGHTY HEART as the example of this. If she can perform at that level on a consistent basis, she’ll get a leading actress Oscar and could easily be put up there as one of the greatest actresses of our time.


Angelina Jolie is a great actress and I love watching her on the big screen. I can’t think of another actress in movie history that can look as sexy as her with as little effort. Even when she’s not trying, she looks hotter than any actress in Hollywood. There’s hope that she’ll get the right action series to star in, but I think the time has come for Jolie to continue to grow as an actress and pick roles that are challenging while continuing to do intelligent action films.

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