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C'mon Hollywood #145


... donít go out like that Sean Connery!
by Sturdy

I never believe anyone when they say theyíre going to retire. I think Michael Jordan ruined the whole ďretirementĒ thing for me, but now it seems like everyone who ever claims to retire always manages to make a ďcomebackĒ. Every musician from Jay-Z to Garth Brooks has managed to come back after a retirement and donít even get me started on athletes. Heck, even my grandpa retired and then went back to work. But itís rare that you see a movie star retire. Usually, they just stop getting offers and thenÖwellÖdie. One exception to the rule is the great Sean Connery, who at 77 years old is still getting offered roles even though heís retired.

Thereíre a lot of actors and actresses out there that I wish would retire, but Sean Connery isnít one of them. But if he is truly going to retire, I wish it wasnít after LEAGUE OF EXTRAORDINARY GENTLEMAN. It wasnít a horrible film, but I know he and Stephen Norrington had a lot of problems on set and I think that prevented the film from being what it could have been. However, I will always blame it as the film that disillusioned Sean Connery so much with movies that he decided retirement would be better than making more films. It reminds me of how all my ex-girlfriends are now lesbians.

It wasnít bad, but it left a bad taste in my mouth.

I thought for sure heíd come back for INDIANA JONES AND PLEASE DONíT LET THIS BE ANOTHER TEMPLE OF DOOM, but he even turned that down. Although, I have to proclaim that I still expect him to make a cameo appearance. Maybe itís just wishful thinking, and I donít care what anyone has said, I think heíll pop up at some point. Of course, I said the same thing about Julia Roberts in OCEANíS 13. However, I just donít think you can turn down the Bearded One.

I, for one, wonít be surprised if he pops up at some point.

But if he isnít going to show up in Indy 4, then heís got to find something thatís worthy to call his last film. I like how Paul Newman has said he wants to find the perfect film to do with Robert Redford for his last film and Connery needs to follow suit. He needs something that his fans can look back on and be proud to call his last film. What about a cameo in the next Bond film? It could be homage to where he got his big start. Iím sure the perfect Connery finale is out there somewhere, I just hope he doesnít let it pass him by.

Iím sure a big part of my desire to see Connery back on the screen is the fact that Iíve been a big fan of his for such a long time. Heís one of the coolest people in Hollywood and has been great in everything heís been in. Sean Connery is one of the legends of the big screen and I think he still has at least one great performance left in him. So címon Connery, get back on the silver screen one last time!

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