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C'mon Hollywood #151


... Iím sick of people getting hit by cars!
by Sturdy

Thereís just something about watching someone get hit by a bus that makes you laugh. Iím not sure if itís the shock value of the act itself, or perhaps the satisfaction of watching the person get hit, but when it happens, itís usually funny. However, the random act of someone walking in the street and getting hit by a bus is no longer random in Hollywood anymore. Itís used in virtually all genres, whether it be dramas, horrors and of course, comedies. In fact, itís become so commonplace that whenever someone walks into the street, I fully expect a bus to come and hit them.

I liked the movie, but there were times I wanted him to get hit by a car.

Correct me if Iím wrong, but I think the first movie to feature someone get hit by a car in such a violent manner was MEET JOE BLACK. I still remember the first time I saw that. I was at the theater and my jaw literally dropped open. I was shocked. After that initial shock, I started laughing because it came out of nowhere. I wasnít expecting it and I wasnít sure how to react. I knew Pitt was going to die, but I never thought heíd get hit by a carÖtwice. I think thatís the reaction it was going for and the whole scene worked. I was shocked, and it was mildly amusing. Unfortunately, it hasnít worked as often since then.

Yes, this is the girl that got hit by a bus in FINAL DESTINATION

The next time I remember it was in FINAL DESTINATION. This one was not quite as much of a surprise since you expect every character to die at any moment in that series. I definitely wouldnít say this was scary, but it did make some audience members jump. The good thing about this one was that there wasnít a long pause between her stepping in the street and getting hit. The worst use of this gag is when the character walks into the street, pauses for a long stretch, and then gets hit. I donít walk across many streets, but when I do, I donít usually turn in the middle of the street and wave or tie my shoe.

Iím looking forward to Sambergís next movie

Unfortunately, thatís what most comedies do. I guess having a character get hit by a bus isnít funny enough, so they have to create a long pause while the character is in the street. Both THE EX and HOT ROD did this and it didnít work on either account. I was disappointed in THE EX, but the bus scene was really unnecessary. It wasnít funny and the movie was pretty much over at that point. I really enjoyed HOT ROD, but again, the scene where he gets hit by a car was unnecessary and it was even worse that we all saw it coming.

So as much as we all love a good guy-getting-hit-by-a-bus gag, I think Hollywood has run it a little thin. I hate the fact that I grip my seat every time anyone, in any movie walks into the street. I canít really think of a film where this would be appropriate. Since itís not funny anymore, I say find new and creative ways to kill off characters in a shocking and hilarious manner.

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