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C'mon Hollywood #154


... donít forget about these SNL alumni!
by Sturdy

Saturday Night Live has churned out some great comedic talent over the past few decades. Sure, theyíve had some rough years, but even through the hard times, someone manages to come through and impress audiences. Look no further than the great Tina Fey. When looking back through the years, there are a handful of stars that have slipped off the map, or have been underused in TV and film. Please note that this is NOT a list of my favorite SNL actors, just a list (in random order) of SNL alumni that seem to have fallen off the map.

Chris Kattan: CORKY ROMANO was funny shit, I donít care what anyone says. Unfortunately, I may be the only person that thought so because the film didnít open up the doors for Kattan that I was hoping for. Instead, Kattan became the Garfunkel to Will Farrellís Simon and has been banished to the occasional Pepsi commercial. Hereís hoping Kattan can find another vehicle to allow him to display his unique comedy style.

Oh címon, Corky Romano was funny!

Chevy Chase: I know Iíve mentioned this before, but I just really like Chevy Chase. You canít help but feel sorry for Chaseís career. Heís been out of the limelight the past decade, but when you watch movies like CADDY SHACK and FLETCH, you remember how great a comedian he really was. I put all the blame for his fall from grace on his short lived talk show. But most people have forgotten that and nowís the time for him to return to the big screen. I hope that whenever they make another FLETCH film, Chase has a part in it.

We miss ya Chevy!

Jimmy Fallon: I know, I know, heís not the most popular among movie fans, mainly because heís starred in some serious stinkers. I realize Iím going to take some heat for adding him on here. My defense to that is he has yet to star in a movie that was suited for him. Heís better as the idiot boyfriend (ha ha) or the nervous, geeky guy. I donít want to see him in the hyper-active dorky role. I enjoyed his CD, which gives hope that thereís some comedic talent in there. Unfortunately, heís been doing more serious roles, which I have mixed feelings about.

Amy Poehler: Amy is another SNL alum that has been the victim of bad roles. I thought she was the only bright spot in MR. WOODCOCK and Iíd like to see her play that type of character on a larger scale. I think she has a slick comedy style thatís even a little sexy. With the right role, I think sheíd be able to do a lot with it and give a funny performance. I also love Tina Fey and Iím intrigued by their upcoming BABY MOMMA.

I canít help it, funny girls are sexy

Dana Carvey: Dana got a tough break when he got sick during the height of his fame. Before that, he really had a good chance to have a superstar career. However, now that heís better, itís time for him to jump back in, and I donít mean with crap like MASTER OF DISGUISE. Heís strong enough to carry his own movie and Iíd like to see him in a good role. I would suggest another sequel to WAYNEíS WORLD, but Mike Myers is going to end up on next weekís ďSNL alum I want to see less of.Ē

Andy Samberg: HOT ROD had me rolling. In fact, it was the best comedy in the past few years that Judd Apatow didnít have anything to do with. I think Samberg showed some chops with it and I have hope that heíll be able to continue his success in the movies. I had no idea that he could do more than write funny songs. Itís still a little early to say whether or not he has staying power, but Iím hoping he gets the chance to prove it one way or the other.

Yep, I liked MYSTERY MEN too.

Janeane Garofalo: She may be my favorite actress not working today. I absolutely love her and I almost wish I would have given her her own column. Sheís one of those girls youíd love to go get a beer with. I really like her and Ben Stiller together and I think they play well off each other, but she can handle her own film too. I know Kevin Smith really likes her and Iíd love to see her star in a Smith film.

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