C'mon Hollywood #158

... give us Batman Vs Superman already!
by Sturdy

I continue to be disgusted that the JLA movie is progressing as much as it is. I still see no way it’s going to work with the OC cast they’ve assembled. But what makes it more disheartening is that JLA gets the green light and we haven’t heard anything about the Batman Vs Superman movie in quite some time. Last I heard, Wolfgang Peterson had one he was working on, but that got shot down a few years ago. Now is the perfect time to get to work on another draft of the script.

I love the Bats vs Supes storyline.

Nolan has obviously done amazing things with the Bats franchise. BATMAN BEGINS was fantastic and DARK KNIGHT looks just as good if not better. But how many more Batman movies does Nolan have in him? Burton only had two Batman films, Donner only had two Superman films, Singer only had two X-Men films and most fans think Raimi only had two good Spider-man films in him. It’s hard to keep churning out good Superhero films, even if you are Christopher Nolan. I’m guessing he might have one more and then that’s it. So what happens to the Bat franchise after that?

How do you follow up DARK KNIGHT?

The revised Superman doesn’t even have a sequel yet. RETURNS was a really good film and very worthy of a sequel, but studio politics seem to be holding it up. Let’s be overly optimistic and say that Singer returns for the sequel and it gets made in the next couple of years. Then what? You know he’s not going to stay for much more than that. Neither he nor Nolan want to be stuck doing Superman or Batman films the rest of their careers. Both directors are going to want a way to spice up their respective franchises.

Why haven’t they made a sequel yet?

My answer; Batman versus Superman. It’s the perfect way to keep both franchises fresh. Also, it might just be original enough to convince Christian Bale to play Batman again. Oh, by the way, that reminds me; Bale has to be Batman for this to work. Anyway, you have to figure that Nolan and Singer will be ready to leave their respective franchises, so why not have them team up on a Batman vs Superman movie? Yes, I’m being serious. Have Singer and Nolan write it together and Nolan direct it. It’s more than a fanboy’s wet dream, it could actually work. Plus, with Nolan directing, Bale would surely come back.

I don’t want the Batman or Superman franchises to get handed off to another director and then get destroyed like they did the first time. It’s still sad to go back and watch the third and fourth installments in each series. We need both directors and both actors to stay with the franchise for many years to come and still keep it fresh. It’s a daunting request, and one that has never happened before, but Batman vs Superman is the answer. It would be a groundbreaking film and it just may be grand enough to convince all the necessary players to get involved.

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