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C'mon Hollywood #159


... ease up on the advertising!
by Sturdy

I only got a B+ in my marketing class, but I have to question whether or not this onslaught of advertising for big budget summer movies is necessary. I appreciate the fact that studios want to raise awareness for certain films and generate hype for their summer releases, but it seems like weíre getting information overload for the bigger movies. A couple of trailers and TV spots, some cool posters and an informational website is really all we need.

I donít want to even hint at a negative comment about the DARK KNIGHT, especially around these parts, but the numerous virals the WB and other studios have created for their films are pretty much played out. Do people really enjoy surfing the net for some obscure website that might be an official site for the DARK KNIGHT? How is an obscure viral supposed to make anyone want to see a movie? If you didnít want to see DARK KNIGHT before the viral, youíre not going to change your mind afterwards. I donít want to jump through hoops to watch a frickiní trailer.

I was going to see this long before I ever clicked on that viral

While weíre on superhero movies, didnít it seem like we saw a lot of IRON MAN before it was even released? Of course, if the movie hadnít made bank this past weekend, it would make my argument more convincing. But I thought they went overboard when they were actually posting scenes from the film online, complete with Favs commentary. Thatís something to do if youíre trying to sell the Blu-ray, not sell movie tickets. I donít want to watch scenes from a movie online and then go shell out $8 to see it once in the theater.

I almost felt like Iíd already seen this a month before it was released

Itís funny that Hollywood preaches about the horrors of piracy and illegal downloading, then turns around and put clips of movies online to generate awareness. Right, because when a kid videotapes a movie with bad film quality and a shaky camera, that takes away ticket sales, but when a studio puts a high definition clip online, it generates ďbuzzĒ? Give me a break. Hollywood is only encouraging people to watch movies on their computers. Personally, when I watch a five minute clip of a movie on my computer, it only makes me want to download the rest of the movie.

However, my absolute biggest pet peeve when it comes to advertising is with ďwebisodesĒ. Why? Theyíre boring. Correct me if Iím wrong, but I think PHANTOM MENACE was the first to do it and even those were a little dull. Now almost every movie has their version of webisodes that include quick clips of actors and filmmakers talking about their film. I watched one for INDIANA JONES and then kicked myself because it gave away too much. Save that stuff for the Blu-ray, not the internet.

In a moment of weakness, I watched too much of Indy 4.

So címon Hollywood, ease up on the advertising. We get it, you put a lot of money into your film and you want us to see it. Two trailers, two posters and a few TV spots and youíre done. Hell, I donít even mind the fast food tie-ins. But overdoing it with webisodes, virals, movie clips and more is getting old.

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