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... give Ďem hell Oliver Stone!
by Sturdy

Thereís a famous quote attributed to Harry S. Truman when he was giving a speech and someone shouted from the crowd ďgive Ďem hell Harry!Ē He responded by saying ďI donít give them hell, I give them the truth and they think itís hellĒ. Iíve always loved that quote and I think itís appropriate for Oliver Stone and his upcoming film W. We all know heís going to take some serious crap for it, regardless of how good the film turns out to be. What I want is for him to take the gloves off and come out swinging, but still keep it factual. As much as I donít want him to make a fictitious film full of heresy, I also donít want him to make a sugar-coated movie because heís scared about the public reaction.

They definitely look the part.

This might seem strange coming from me. A few years ago I wrote an article asking Hollywood to be careful with 9/11 . They were moderately sensitive to the subject and Iím still thankful for that, but weíre not talking about 9/11, weíre talking about the future, former President of the USA. Like him or hate him, heís been involved in some major events in US history and the only thing left is to make a movie about his Presidency.

I hope he does his homework.

I got completely sick of Hollywood trying to butt into the political situation four years ago. It obviously didnít help Kerry too much and I sometimes think that the public actually begins to look down on a candidate that has the support of famous celebrities. Celebrities have a reputation for being immoral partiers and drug addicts (not always justified) and thatís not exactly who you want giving you political advice. Itís like taking stock tips from the homeless guy outside the gas station. It might be good advice, but you have to look at your source.

Iím pretty sure this film wasnít completely accurateÖ

But now Oliver Stone (who has had his own legal trouble) has decided to make a movie about Mr. Bush. I think he has an opportunity to educate a lot of people on the actions of the 43rd President of the United States. However, Stone doesnít have a history of recreating American history to exact detail. Thatís where I get nervous. If Stone adds in his own commentary and changes the facts and history, then this film will be a joke and another weapon right wing conservatives use against liberals. Itís important that he make it as accurate as possible. He needs to look at it as if heís writing a research paper for a very strict professor. We need references and citations for every scene. He needs to be able to throw the book at the critics. The truth will hurt more than fiction.

Still my favorite Oliver Stone film.

I would have preferred for someone like Milos Forman or another director with a proven history of accurately portraying history to take this type of project on, but Stone definitely has the kohonies for it. I loved JFK, even if the facts are still up in the air. Iím just afraid that W will be attacked in the same manner and that will ruin the film, and the storyís credibility. Hollywood will never change a personís political views, and they shouldnít try. What Hollywood can do is make a fact based movie that might open up the eyes of people that wouldnít otherwise be privy to the information.

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