C'mon Hollywood #169

...no Wolverine at Comic Con!?!
by JoBlo

At some point during last year's SAN DIEGO COMIC CON -- the world's largest convention for comic book lovers, as well as fanboys and movie geeks in general -- I noticed that THE DARK KNIGHT was not being featured in the "Warner Bros" panel, despite the fact that the film had already been filming and had its cast ready to share with their prime audience. I thought that like earlier years at the Con, the studio was gonna surprise everyone by bringing someone out to the panel at some point, or feature an exclusive clip of some kind, but noooo...all they showed was the film's teaser trailer, and that was about it.

Major bummer.

There were a ton of kids running around the streets of Diego with Joker make-up on, but no sign of anyone actually related to the film

So let me re-iterate that: Warner Bros flew Ed Burns and Shannyn Sossoman out to Diego in order to sit in front of a packed room of 8,000 movie/comic geeks for some film called ONE MISSED CALL, but neglected to provide those very fanboys/girls -- you know the ones that are actually stirring up all of the love for their film -- anything cool or new about THE DARK KNIGHT. Many said that it was because they would be "preaching to the choir", and what would be the point?

The point would be that...FANBOYS deserve a little more appreciation than that!! Just because we're already "on board" with the movie doesn't mean that the filmmakers or the studios shouldn't toss us some cool exclusives or Q&As at the Con...I mean, even a f*ckin' poster or some shit! That's why a lot of us go to the Con!

Well, this year it was Fox's turn to flip the bird on to the tens of thousands of comic/movie fans headed to this year's convention in San Diego (and Paramount as well), from July 24-27 (about 8-10 members of the JoBlo.com team will be there, so stay tuned to this site for all Con updates), as they have decided that they will not be bringing WOLVERINE to the Con this year! They're bringing THE ROCKER to the Con...but no WOLVERINE, you know...the film starring Hugh Jackman as the most popular comic book character of all-time!!!!

I won't be at the Con this year, but about 1,000
other guys dressed like me, will

Actually, it was WIZARD magazine (top comic book mag) that recently posted a list of the 200 most popular comic book characters of all-time and wouldn't you know that WOLVERINE was in 1st place, followed by BATMAN himself and then SPIDER-MAN. SONY knew that, and jam-packed the Comic Con with all things spider-related over the years, including the director Sam Raimi, who was there almost every year that his SPIDER-MAN movies were coming out. Why?

Because he IS a movie geek and he respects the fanboys!!!

I love director Christopher Nolan and respect his right to privacy and all that, but how about tossing us a bone, man? I mean, if Heath Ledger or Christian Bale had showed up at last year's Comic Con, it would have been bedlam -- but in a good way -- and something that would have been talked about for years.

This year, Fox will apparently not be featuring anyone from the WOLVERINE movie (even though it's being released in May 2009 before next year's Con), including Wolvie himself, Hugh Jackman, who already brought the house down at the Con, when he was there in 2004 pushing VAN HELSING. Imagine what he could do with WOLVERINE!!! Considering that Fox's X-FILES movie has generated about as much buzz as my asshole this summer, you'd think they'd know better by now and would attack the fanboys fiercely at the Con with some Wolverine love!

Paramount doesn't think fanboys want to see coolness about the new STAR TREK movie at the Con this year...

I also found out today that Paramount has decided to "scale back" their Comic Con love and left f*ckin' JJ Abrams' STAR TREK off their list as well. WTF?!? Abrams himself expressed disappointment and puzzlement about the decision in this recent article himself. That's not to say that they're only dissing his film, as they won't be bringing any GI JOE or TRANSFORMERS 2 love to the Con either apparently. Wow. Are we going backwards now??

So jeers to WB last year for not bringing THE DARK KNIGHT to the Comic Con panels and an even bigger jeers to Fox (and Paramount) for not bringing WOLVERINE (and STAR TREK) to the Comic Con this year either. So yeah, C'MON HOLLYWOOD...give the fanboys some love and bring the COOLER movies to the Comic Con, not just the shit you want to shill! Or maybe you forgot how the buzz from the Con helped the shit out of both 300 and IRON MAN in years past?

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