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C'mon Hollywood #170


... keep on keepin' on QT!
by Sturdy

I never thought the day would come when Iíd feel the need to defend Quentin Tarantino. I really thought that he had enough great films to ascend to the level of being above chic insults and the random slams from critics and fans. But somewhere along the line Quentin must have said or done something wrong and now itís ďcoolĒ to take digs and cheap shots at one of the most influential directors of the past 20 years.

The only negative thing I can say about Quentin is that he frustrates me because he talks about making more films than he actually makes. But the only reason thatís true is because he loves talking about movies and just canít help himself. Isnít that actually a good thing? So what if weíve had to hear about a possible Vega brothers movie for the past 10 years. Itís probably something heís thinking about and he doesnít mind talking about it. Most writer-directors refuse to talk about any project theyíre even thinking about, so we should be happy that Quentin is so open with what heís working on.

I didnít think heíd be able to top thisÖ

As much as I love Tarantino, I donít really have a problem with him making a movie every three or four years. If that means he can maintain the level of quality he has with Dogs, Fiction and Bill, then Iím all for it. Assuming of course that means the alternative is we get a movie every year and theyíre half as good. Itís exceptionally hard to write and direct good films at a consistently high level (just ask Shyamalan) so if he needs time between films to work on the next, I say he should take as much time as he needs. Itís fine to beg the guy for more movies, after all, thatís what being a fan is all about. Just donít slam him for taking his time.

until I saw this.

Maybe the recent wave of Tarantino bashing is a result of GRINDHOUSE. As much as fans complained about the films being split up, the first thing we do is compare the two films. Everyone realizes that GRINDHOUSE wasnít a competition between Tarantino and RodriguezÖright? Theyíre two friends that wanted to make a couple of cool movies. And I donít even know what to say to those that didnít like DEATH PROOF. Whatís not to like about a cool car chase with a hot girl strapped to the hood of a car going 60 mph? Thatís just fun for the whole family.

Loved this one too

So he finally announced pre-production on INGLORIOUS BASTARDS and reporters and fans start slamming him for ďremakingĒ a movie. Seriously? Why would anyone be upset Quentin fín Tarantino is remaking a shitty 70ís b-movie that you hadnít even heard of before he announced he was remaking it? Remake or not, Quentin Tarantino writing and directing a WWII movie sounds great to me. And donít even call him a hack. He always gives credit where credit is due and thatís more than you can say for 98% of the directors in Hollywood today.

Critics be damned, this was a good time!

I realize that the normal nature of fanboys and critics is to be critical to the point of negative, but Iím not sure when it became chic to insult Quentin. Group think is prevalent amongst fans and critics alike and I find it disturbing that all of a sudden, group think dictates that we shouldnít like him. It seems that every time he finds his way into the news, someone has to throw a dig in and slam him for something and frankly, Iím sick of it. If I get accused of slurping up QT, then so be it. There are worst people to slurp up than Mr. Tarantino. So QT; take your time and continue to make awesome movies!

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