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C'mon Hollywood #175


... Haim? Feldman? No thanks.
by Sturdy

I know that as the kids of the 80ís start to get older, we long to see familiar faces on the big screen and to relive our childhood as many times as we can. Thatís why Stallone was able to bring back Rambo and Rocky successfully. Thatís why every lame show from the 80ís is being made into a movie. But at some point, we have to draw the line. I say that line gets drawn with Corey Haim and Corey Feldman.

Itís not that I dislike the guys. I loved LICENSE TO DRIVE and LOST BOYS among others. Feldman had some great films with GOONIES and STAND BY ME. They have a decent resume of movies between the two of them and when I was a kid, I liked watching anything they were in together. Then they continued their little gimmick into the straight to video market in the 90ís with an onslaught of horrible films. However, I was appreciative of Nichole Eggert in BLOWN AWAY, but only because I was a big fan of ďCharles in ChargeĒ. But even with all the good movies they had almost 20 years ago, I canít say I was a big enough fan of either of them to merit supporting their comeback efforts.

I kinda miss Nichole Eggert

Those bad b-movies are really as much as I can stomach from the Coreyís these days. The occasional b-movie or maybe a cameo here and there and thatís it, letís not even discuss their TV show. If they want to start making sequels to all of their old movies, Iíd be down for that. But keep them in the straight to DVD market. I donít want to go to the theater to see LICENSE TO DRIVE 2. The Coreyís never had that much talent to begin with, but they kept audiences coming back because kids thought it was cool that they were best friends that starred in movies together.

Maybe they could get Heather Graham to do the sequel too?

So I did sit through the awfulness that is LOST BOYS: THE TRIBE and even though I was excited to catch up with the Frog(s), it cemented the fact that we donít really need Feldman in movies again. And why Corey Haim didnít show up for it in a bigger role, I donít know. What got me about the film was how horrible Feldman was. He just doesnít have it anymore folks, we all have to accept it. Their glory days are behind them. OH, and if you think Iím buying into any of their drama, youíre sorely mistaken. I wish them well with their efforts at getting over any trauma and addiction, but Iím not buying that at age 37, theyíre just now having a spat.


I know QT has been spouting his love for the Coreyís for a while, and if anyone can return them to their glory days, itís him. But unless he wants to pay for acting classes, I donít think even he can get much out of them, at least not in a starring role. I enjoyed the classic Corey movies as much as the next child of the 80ís, but the last thing we need is a big Corey comeback. Letís allow their careers to rest peacefully in the 80ís.

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