C'mon Hollywood #179

...Diablo Cody needs to loosen up.
by Sturdy

I read Diablo Cody’s retort on her Myspace blog to all of the fanboys that have been hating on her since she won her Academy Award. To be honest, I wasn’t a huge fan of hers before I read her blog, but afterwards, I’m completely confused on what to think of her. On one hand, she’s definitely got skills as a writer, but on the other, she comes off like an immature little kid. With that said, she has reason to be frustrated, but she has more reason to ignore the criticism and be a little classier.

Given her past, she’s going to have to accept that regardless of what she does, there are always going to be people that hate her. It’s not necessarily personal, it’s just that in today’s society, strippers have a certain stigma around them. Regardless of what they tell you, most strippers go down one of two career paths; crackhead or whore…sometimes both. But rarely do you see one performing open heart surgery or giving you legal counsel. So it was sort of a shock when a former stripper/phone sex operator won an Oscar for best screenplay. It kind of makes the aspiring screenwriter working at Kinko’s reevaluate their career path.

Not many writers have such a promising career to fall back on.

Another thing she needs to remember is that aspiring screenwriters (and some current screenwriters) are going to hate her and everything she does because of how she was discovered. Every screenwriter thinks his or her script is the best script ever written. So when they try to sell it and face constant rejection, it gets frustrating. Then they read about a stripper that sold a script because she had a blog and that’s enough to send screenwriters into a fit of rage. To everyone that hates her because of this; calm down. Selling a script is just as much about luck as it is about skill. Don’t hate on her because you haven’t found that lucky charm yet.

Even if you hate her, there was skill in JUNO.

Finally, she has to realize that she’s fallen into that “overhyped” category. We’re sick of hearing about her and her plastic sex toys. We’re so sick of it, that some of us have forgotten how adorable JUNO was, or how good the script was. Instead, every time we hear that title, we think of Diablo Cody licking a stripper pole. The public, and especially fanboys, are tired of hearing her name and they’re starting to pick her apart. The unfortunate thing is that her blog entry has provided them with proof that what they say gets to her. So I wouldn’t bet on it letting up anytime soon.

Okay, now this is a reason to hate her.

After I read her latest entry, it reminded me of something that happened to me at last year’s family Christmas party. I was standing in the living room mingling with family when my nephew came over, kicked me in the knee and then ran off. I was hurt, both emotionally and physically. I wanted to chase him down, lift him up, snap his neck and stand over his limp body laughing. However, I decided that just because I could do that, it didn’t mean I had to. Instead, I laughed it off and went into the kitchen and poured some more eggnog. So what I’m trying to say is; Cody needs to quit blogging with her haters and instead, drink more eggnog.

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