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... Bradley Cooper as Green Lantern: make it happen!
by Sturdy

Okay, I should come clean right away and make it clear that I donít know dick about the Green Lantern. I was going to read 20 years worth of comics as research for this article, but I didnít want to tap into my already sad 401k, nor did I want to read that many comics that I may or may not enjoy. I think I have the basics. I know thereís a ring and itís really important and I think thereís some importance to the color yellow, although Iím not sure the details on that. But that doesnít really matter. If theyíre going to make a Green Lantern movie, then all of the same rules apply that apply to every comic book movie. You need a director that knows the subject matter, a producer that cares about the project and an actor that can pull off the alter ego of the hero. And thatís where Bradley Cooper comes in.

Iíll stick to what I know, and I know Bradley Cooper. Okay, thatís not true. I donít actually know the dude, but I know Iíve really liked everything heís done so far. So why do I have this faith in Bradley Cooper? Itís not like heís ever carried a movie or anything. I guess I have faith in him because heís made every movie heís been in better. Every time I see him, I always think that I would have liked to have seen more of him. Heís only had bit roles in films like YES, MAN, WEDDING CRASHERS, HEíS JUST NOT THAT INTO YOU, but I thought he did great with what he had and I think heís ready for the challenge of being a superhero.

Heís a cool dude.

Stepping into a superhero role is a good opportunity for him at this point and the Green Lantern isnít as risky as say Batman or Spider-man. Itís a superhero film, so thereís going to be pressure, but if it fails, no one is going to blame him for ruining their childhood. I think he has a good chance of wowing people like RDJ did with Iron Man. The superhero role needs someone with charm and charisma and someone that can actually convey a range of emotions. I think Cooper has a good presence and can pull it off. And it doesnít really have to be the Green Lantern. Green Arrow, Aquaman, etc., any superhero role will do.

Great on Alias

The Street was one of my favorite shows and it only lasted a dozen episodes (check out how many cool people were in that). But I remember Cooper being in a few of them and he was great in that and Alias. Itís always cool when one of your favorite minor TV actors is on the brink of making it big. Thatís right where Cooper is right now. He can see superstardom right in front of him, which is why his next project has to be a good one. I think Bradley Cooper as Green Lantern is a good fit and an easy choice for everyone involved.

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