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... what the hell is going on with Robin Hood?
by Sturdy

I typically donít question Ridley Scott. He has a unique, almost obsessed way of making films and since I enjoy 90% of everything he touches, I usually give the guy the benefit of the doubt and go see anything he directs. But there seems to be a lot of crap going on with this ROBIN HOOD film and I donít have a good feeling about it. We probably wonít know until we watch the special features on the Blu-ray, but I really want to know why heís so intent on making this film. And if the recent rumors that he and Crowe are fighting on set, or should I say, ďnot talking to each otherĒ, then this film could be an embarrassment for everyone involved.

This is just something we donít need. ROBIN HOOD: PRINCE OF THIEVES came out in 1991 and was a decent, linear telling of the legend of Robin Hood. Yeah, I know Costner canít hold a British accent and I still have no idea what Christian Slater was doing there, but the movie was fun, at least when I was 14. The point is that we donít need another linear telling of the story of Robin Hood. If youíre going to bring Robin Hood back to the big screen, then do something cool with him and something we havenít seen before.

Is Crowe too old to play Robin Hood?

So does this film even have a chance to succeed at this point? Every red flag a movie can have, this one has thrown out there. For starters, it doesnít even sound like they could agree on a concept for the film. We started with the idea of telling the story from the view of the Sherriff of Nottingham, and even though I wasnít a huge fan of that idea, at least it was a new take on an old story. Then there was the idea of Crowe playing both Robin Hood and the Sherriff, which, again, was a bad idea, but at least it was something different. So now it looks like they started filming with the goal of telling a linear Robin Hood story, which a) is a lame idea and b) is unoriginal.

Costner wasnít that bad.

So after three (probably more) incarnations of an idea, they start pre-production and have to recast Maid Merrian when Sienna Miller dropped out. Miller seems like an actress that is trying hard to break into that elite status, so itís surprising she would allow anything (even a ďschedulingĒ conflict) to prevent her from starring in a Scott/Crowe film, but thatís a different topic. At least they got Cate Blanchett to step in. But they also started without even casting what is presumably the second lead actor role in the Sherriff of Nottingham. The role supposedly went to Matthew Macfadyen (who?).

At least Elwes held his accent.

Iím not saying this Robin Hood film canít be good, Iím just saying it seems like a giant clusterf*** at this point. Yeah, I know Ridley Scott is a great director and this kind of stuff happens all the time on his films, but I donít remember reading about this much drama on any of his other films. Iíll probably see it no matter what, but in order for Ridley to wow me, heís going to have to do something I havenít seen before, not just do something better than Iíve seen before.

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